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ATAD Transposition Act – Part II – The new CFC rules

After the Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, BMF) had initially put forward two drafts for an ‘Act to Transpose the Anti-Tax […]


ATAD Transposition Act - Part I - An overview of the key areas of regulation

Exactly one year after the publication of the second draft bill by the Federal Ministry of Finance, the German government - which is now on the home […]


Far-reaching expansion of real estate transfer tax liability as of 1.7.2021

The amendments to the Real Estate Transfer Tax Act (Grunderwerbsteuergesetz, GrEStG), which have been planned for a longer time already, will now […]


Recognition for tax purposes of maintenance payments for children over the age of 25 years

Many students typically have part-time jobs whilst they are studying, e.g., in the restaurant and catering industry or in the area of events. Over the […]


On the depreciation/amortisation of digital assets in the financial accounts

In a previous article we reported on the option to instantly write off digital assets in the tax accounts in accordance with a Federal Ministry of […]


Entry Certificate – No tax exemption without documentary evidence

Since 1.1.2014, all companies that export within the EU have had to submit a so-called entry certificate (Gelangensbestätigung) to the tax office in […]


Real estate transfer tax – A buyer’s trustee status is not a justification for a tax exemption

Real estate transfer tax is generally incurred when a property is purchased. According to a decision that was recently announced by the Federal Fiscal […]


Partnerships with option for corporation tax – Draft legislation has been put forward

The Federal Government presented a draft Act on the Modernisation of Corporation Tax Law on 17.3.2021. This also aims to internationalise corporation […]


BREXIT – Customs challenges and complying with rules of origin requirements

Following the end of the Brexit transition period, the United Kingdom (UK) officially ceased to be a part of the EU at the beginning of 2021. While […]


Important changes resulting from the Third Coronavirus Tax-Related Assistance Act

On 5.3.2021, the Bundesrat (upper house of German parliament) passed the Third Coronavirus Tax-Related Assistance Act. A key aspect in terms of the […]


Shorter useful life of computer hardware and software

Assets such as computers and software form the core of digitalisation and are subject to ever faster change on account of technical advances. The […]


Coronavirus-induced suspension of VAT on in-kind donations

In-kind donations are generally subject to VAT if the items had been previously purchased with input tax deductions. It is therefore not uncommon that […]


Foreign shareholdings – Notification obligations

The Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung, AO) contains a reporting obligation on the basis of which German taxpayers have to notify their competent tax offices […]


Easter 2021: Further extension of Covid 19 tax aid!

The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) announced further extensions of “Covid‑19” tax relief in a letter dated 18 March 2021. According to this letter, […]


Plans for the reform of tax legislation in the USA

Shortly after his inauguration, on 20.1.2021, the new President, Joe Biden, started reversing many of his predecessor’s decisions and providing new […]


Withholding capital gains tax – Plans to simplify procedures

On 20.1.2021, the German Federal Cabinet adopted the draft bill on the Modernisation of Withholding Tax Relief and the Certification of Capital Gains […]


Tax-free repayment of capital contributions from foreign corporations

A shareholder may generally receive payments free of tax if they originate from the profit distributions of a corporate body and if these payments can […]


Latest news on input tax deduction for a holding company

A so-called functional holding company or management holding company is deemed to be a business that has to register for VAT if its sole purpose is […]


Anticipated work-related costs in the case of a semester abroad

In the context of higher education, for the purpose of deducting allowable expenses a distinction is made between undergraduate studies and second […]


Transformation of the transparency register – Instead of the presumption of notification (Mitteilungsfiktion) there will now be new obligations backed up by fines

In accordance with the EU anti-money laundering directive, the transparency registers of the EU member states have to be interconnected with each […]

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