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Planned tax changes – Draft bill for the German Annual Tax Act 2020

The draft bill for the German Annual Tax Act 2020 was published during the summer break. It is likely to be a while before the legislation is passed […]


Gift tax issues related to the reservation of usufruct – Part I: Removing a usufructuary encumbrance

Encumbrance with a usufruct frequently constitutes an impediment to the subsequent sale of an asset. While the consent of the usufructuary is not […]


Consolidated tax groups – Are there additional/ lower profit transfers that are generated apart from tax consolidation

The consolidated tax group for profit tax purposes is frequently characterised as the essence of group tax law. While the tax advantages are indeed […]


Latest news on coronavirus-induced business closure as an insured event

If, in a business closure insurance policy that has been taken out, the insurer undertakes to provide coverage only for the diseases and pathogens […]


Brexit and the UK limited – Is an end to the limitation of liability avoidable?

The UK’s exit from the EU on 31.1.2020 further raised the pressure on UK Limiteds (Ltds.) registered in German commercial registers. Admittedly, in […]


Liquidity management – Generating cash effects through order-to-cash processes

So-called order-to-cash processes (O2C) cover all the business procedures from the placement of an order up until the payment is received. By using […]


Determination of profit – Coronavirus emergency relief as taxable income

In a decree from 31.7.2020, the Bavarian State Tax Office clarified that coronavirus emergency relief was taxable.


Trade tax add-backs for management remuneration

Trade tax has to be determined by adjusting taxable income as calculated for income or corporate tax purposes for so-called add-backs and reductions […]


Gift tax liability following a transfer of domicile abroad

Those who transfer their domicile from Germany to another foreign country could nevertheless still be liable to pay tax in Germany. You could be […]


Are travel costs that are reimbursed to grandparents for childcare tax deductible?

Travel costs can be tax deductible under certain circumstances. To this end, the Nuremberg tax court recently examined whether or not the travel costs […]


Tax-exempt property sale – Definition of owner occupation that is deemed to be not harmful prior to the sale

If a property that is held as a private asset is sold during the speculation period then the value appreciation that has been realised has to be taxed […]


Going concern assumption in the corona crisis – stricter requirements for legal representatives

Going concern assumption and responsibilities

As long as there are no legal or factual obstacles, law requires that annual and consolidated financial […]


Please take note – The reporting deadline for cross-border tax arrangements under DAC6 is 31.8.2020

Since 1.7.2020, on the basis of an EU Directive (“Directive on Administrative Cooperation – DAC 6“), companies and their advisers have been obliged to […]


Amount of loss carry-back to 2019 has been increased

In this article we go into detail about the various options and the respective procedures.


New special depreciation for rental housing construction

In many regions of Germany, the scarcity of affordable housing is becoming an ever more urgent issue. In 2019, a new Section 7b of the Income Tax Act […]


Invoice address – Being able to contact issuers of invoices by post is sufficient

In a recent circular, the Federal Ministry of Finance created the long-anticipated legal certainty for recipients of invoices. The circular states […]


Contracts for work and services/subcontractor agreements in the political spotlight

The outsourcing of processes to external companies has come to the fore of politics more strongly once again having been sparked off by the […]


Data-protection-compliant documentation of customer data during the coronavirus crisis

Currently, a great number of business people are required to collect the contact data of their customers. The aim of this is to ensure that in the […]


Does a coronavirus-induced business closure constitute the occurrence of an insured event?

If the general terms and conditions of insurance (GTCI) make a blanket reference to Sections 6 and 7 of the Infectious Diseases Protection Act […]


Lockdown – New voucher scheme for cancelled events

The general lockdown resulted in the cancellation of a considerable number of events for which tickets had already been sold. In the legislation to […]

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